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  • Koren Norton

Tips for Working from Home Effectively

A lot of us are now required to work from home and it's not always an easy transition. Here are a few tips to help you better adjust to working at home.

Have a work area that encourages productivity

- To be productive, you need an office area that allows you to be comfortable and remain focused while working.

Plan your day in as much detail as possible

- A structured routine helps you to execute tasks and stay on target for deadlines.

- A few minutes spent planning in the morning to map out your day can be very effective in reducing stress and increasing productivity.

Keep track of your time

- Be conscious of how much time you spend on other activities apart from work during work hours. What are you spending that time doing and how does it affect your work progress?

Social networking sites and personal emails should not be a priority.

- We hardly notice how much time we spend on social media and become distracted. It can cost you a whole day’s work. Keep it at a minimum during work hours.

Stay connected with others

- You can easily get caught up in work- which is not a bad thing, but remember to check in with other co-workers periodically.

- While you need to focus on work, when taking a break, use that time to check in with family and friends and stay in the loop.

A break ever so often is necessary. So move your body

- Step away from your desk and take a walk around your home or do some stretches. Being confined to your home may be challenging, so regular physical activity, even moderate will help to improve your mood by increasing circulation.

- Exercise is a known aid in helping with the symptoms of isolation so if you are well, be sure to stay active. Incorporate stretching, yoga, lunges and natural resistance exercises to stay active.

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